Liquibox Aseptipack®

Liquibox Aseptipack: Fully-automatic aseptic bag-in-box filler

The Liquibox Aseptipack is a compact, cost-efficient web fed fully-automatic aseptic packaging machine capable of filling a wide range of low or high acid products from 0.5 to 5 gallons (2 to 20 liters).

Optimal product protection

Aseptipack steam sterilization delivers maximum safety and security to your products during the filling process.

Streamlined loading

The versatile loading options make the Aseptipack bag-in-box filler easy to fit into your production environment. Aseptipack delivers the versatility of standard 90-degree outfeed, chute loading in single or twin head configurations, remote chute loading, and manual packing.

Cost-efficient and easy to operate

Aseptipack delivers safe and convenient aseptic bag-in-box packaging filling at a low price point. The compact footprint and minimal upfront investment make Aseptipack the perfect filling solution to help you introduce your aseptic products to the market.



Filler Dimension Graphics_Aseptipack

Filling rate

The fill rate numbers are averages recorded in various client facilities. Actual rate is dependent on product supply rate, bag size, and amount of time required to sterilize each specific fitment.

Volume G (L)Bags per minute (BPM)
1G (4L)6.5
2.5G (10L)6
5G (20L)5

Standard features

All versions of the fully-automatic Liquibox Aseptipack filler are equipped with:

  • PLC controls for fast, accurate filling
  • Convenient Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Sanitize-in-Place (SIP) functions
  • Made of stainless steel and approved polymers
  • Compact and robust filling head
  • Designed for safety and conforms to CE standards



Coffee & tea, juice, dairy, among others.

Liquid food

Dairy & dairy alternatives, coconut products, smoothies, condiments & sauces, among others.


Pharmaceuticals, among others.


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