Flexible packaging for personal care, automotive fluids, cleaning chemicals and other industrial products

We understand the importance of delivering a package that is durable, robust, that seamlessly integrates and efficiently dispenses product at the end users’ site. We provide safe and efficient filling and flexible packaging for pharmaceuticals, personal care, motor oils, cleaning chemicals and other industrial fluids that protects your product all the way through to efficient dispensing on the user’s end. With over five decades of experience, we’ll find the custom solution that’s right for you.

Seamless Integration / Maximized Durability / Long Term Reliability

Flexible packaging reduces your environmental impact

Featured Non-Food Packaging Products

Semi-automated filler for industrial liquids

The Liquibox 1000 filler delivers quick, easy and reliable semi-automatic filling for a broad range of products and applications. This highly productive easy to use semi-automatic filler is designed for robust liquid filling in bag-in-box packaging. Liquibox offers a dedicated optimized fill valve and capper option designed for the filling needs of the motor oil, cleaning chemical and industrial fluids markets.

B2S Bags: filment combination for industrial fluids and oils
B2S Bags

The B2S is a versatile fitment combination suitable for various industrial fluid and chemical applications. This fitment is capable of enduring any existing filler environment currently on the market including steam, peroxide sterilization and hot fill. The B2S flat cap is ideal for applications where the product is dumped into dispensing equipment.

Bag-in-box advantages for motor oil, cleaning chemical and industrial fluid packaging

Optimized Protection

Bag-in-box delivers optimal protection while preserving the quality of your oil and industrial fluids.

Highly Visible Graphics

The face of the box maximizes package graphics and visibility for retail applications while our variety of fitments and connectors assures consumers of the safety and quality of your oil and industrial fluids and delivers convenient connecting and dispensing in virtually any environment.

Transportation & Storage

Bag-in-Box reduces storage, transportation and shelf space by up to 18% in many cases. This means that less energy is required to provide customers your valuable product. Flat packing of the unfilled bag-in-box package further optimizes your transportation costs saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Convenient Recycling

Once the package is empty the box can fold down flat for ease of recycling.

bag-in-box machine

Non-Food Packaging Filling Solutions

Liqui-Box 1500

Our proven Liquibox 1000 and Liquibox 1500 fillers have been configured specifically to meet the demanding requirements of your industrial and non-food products. We deliver you safe and reliable filling for all your products with our filling systems. We’ve developed our filling systems to be versatile and compatible with your products and applications.

Non-Food Packaging Components


We have in-house capabilities to design, prototype and produce fitments that meet your specific product needs, with a broad range of both customizable and standard industry fitments, caps, dispensing taps, valves and connection systems. Our dispensing systems deliver optimal product protection with no cap to remove, so product is never exposed to any outside contaminants.

customized films for industrial liquid packaging
Customized Films

Liquibox offers a wide range of film structures with barrier properties tailored to your shipping and shelf-life needs, including flex-crack, puncture and tear resistance, oil and grease resistance or increased tensile strength. All our bags meet superior quality, durability, and chemical resistance standards and are available in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 6 gallons (2 to 23 liters).

Client-Centric Support Service

Once our fillers, bags and fitments are in use at your production site, we provide you with application and parts support to make sure your filler continuously operates at peak performance.

Markets We Serve

Our versatile turn-key solutions allow us to serve a broad spectrum of non-food industry packagers and suppliers across a variety of industries, such as motor oils, paints, cleaning fluids, laundry detergents and fabric softeners, chemicals, waxes and other non-food applications.

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