Safe, cost-effective and sustainable bag-in-box packaging for motor oil and lubricants.

New engine requirements for oil are becoming much more precise. Car manufacturers recommend specific viscosity oil grades for optimal vehicle performance, maximum fuel economy and engine lifespan.

The bag-in-box system allows oil-change facilities to offer a wider range of specialty oils. It makes it easy to stock and transfer a number of different motor oils without the need for bulk storage.

Benefits of bag-in-box packaging for motor oil:

  • 60% lower carbon footprint vs bottle
  • 100% recyclable box
  • 20% energy savings during transport due to light weight
  • Drains quickly
  • Hygienic pouring
  • Optimized for transport and storage – 45% less space vs bottles
  • 99.9% reduction of residual oil left in packaging
  • Ideal for e-commerce

Dispensing taps and fitments for motor oil

VINIflow™ push tap

The VINIflow universal tap is designed for use with both semi-automatic and automatic filling machines and can be used for hot fill with immediate cooling. It offers a controlled uniform flow ideal for bag-in-box packaging.

Pouring Cap

This cap is ideal for easily pouring products directly from bag-in-box. The pour cap is available in yellow, red, blue and white.

Tamper Evident Screw Cap

The screw cap adapter has an external tamper evident ring. The screw cap is available in blue and orange colors.