Maverick® Beast Machine

4 lane bag making machine

The Maverick Beast Machine is exactly what the name suggests. This automatic bag-in-box machine sports four lanes for increased capacity and champions flexibility with a range of production options. Adaptability is supported by the machines capability of fitting an array of fitments required by the customer to support a variety of industries. The Beast Machine is built to deliver speed and accuracy for flexible bag production globally.

High Output

The Beast delivers up to 4 lanes of high production bag output in sizes ranging from 2L (0.5G) to 220L (55G).


The Beast is the first 4 Lane bag making machine produced for bag-in-box, manufactured by Maverick. The Beast delivers Maverick quality in volume.


Consistent output is delivered with advanced feed monitoring systems that ensure the film web stays in alignment along the length of the machine within 2mm.



55.7′-65.6′ L x 21.3′ W x 8.2′ H (17.0-20.0m L x 6.5m W x 2.5m H)



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