Maverick® Dunnage Machine

1 lane bag making machine

The Maverick Dunnage Machine has been designed specifically to produce a wide range of dunnage pillow bags. The ability to apply fitments and produce a variety of sizes makes this machine extremely versatile. The staggered unwind stations deliver quick and convenient loading of new rolls of film. The ISO bar technology integrated in the seal bars ensures even temperature distribution along the length of the bars which ensures high quality seals. Once the bags are produced, the delivery table and auto stacker clear the bags and prepare them for folding, inserting or packing.


The Dunnage Machine is capable of producing a variety of dunnage bag sizes to suit your production. User-friendly set-up makes switching between different bag sizes quick and convenient.


The Dunnage Machine accommodates a variety of industry standard dunnage valves and spouts to ensure your bags are produced with the exact components needed for the job.

High quality

The high speed automated Dunnage Machine, with Maverick technology, automates the process of producing dunnage bags improving output, consistency and quality.



67.3′ L x 14.9′ W x 7.2′ H (20.5m L x 4.5m W x 2.2m H)



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