Liquibox IS-7E

Liquibox IS-7E
Pouch Filler

Reliable high-speed filling

The IS-7E flexible pouch filler delivers outstanding high-speed productivity with accurate and consistent production output while reducing leaker rates and protecting your valuable product. This vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) filler is suited for a wide variety of pouches ranging from 250ml to 2L.

Increased production output

The IS-7E fillers feature an easy mount jaw system with longer seal tape life, as well as a fast load film unwind system and improved film feed profile which minimizes maintenance time and keeps your filling process going.

Quick and easy fill adjustments

The two fill heads operate independently, delivering the ability to make minor adjustments of seal temperature, volume accuracy, and pouch length without interfering with the operation of the other fill head.



6’4” (193cm) W x 2’3” (68cm) D x 9’6” (290cm)

Filling rate

The following numbers are average filling rates recorded in various client facilities. Actual rate is dependent on operator dexterity, product supply rate, and pouch size.

Volume oz (ml)Pouches per minute
8oz (250ml)156
32oz (1L)120
64oz (2L)100

Standard features

The Liquibox IS-7E filler is equipped with:

  • Microprocessor-based sealing control modules
  • Jaw fluid recirculation system
  • Easy-mount jaw
  • Longer tape life, less jaw maintenance
  • Improved film feed profile
  • Vertical seal cooling system
  • Standby heat for sealing elements
  • Fast loading unwind system
  • Film roll splicer



Water, post-mix, juice, dairy, among others.

Liquid food

Dairy & dairy alternatives, coconut products, edible oil, smoothies, condiments & sauces, among others.


Paint, coatings & varnishes, chemicals, cleaning, pharmaceuticals, personal care, among others.


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