A Cost-effective AND sustainable solution for versatile applications, from individual servings to larger capacities

Our extensive knowledge of polymers and resins, combined with a strong R&D culture, help Liquibox create flexible pouch packaging systems for various applications and markets, especially food service.

Advantages of the pouch

  • Versatile filling from 180ml to 5 liters, meeting your specific market requirements
  • Wide variety of film technologies that protect your valuable product from UV and O2
  • Eco-friendly: pouches are easily disposed of, drastically reduce landfill waste and film structures are recyclable
  • High quality control filling and pouch durability
  • Artwork printing up to eight colors
  • Clear and opaque film options available

Food Service

Our pouches are appreciated by the food service market, because these highly cost-effective packages can accommodate larger capacities, without jeopardizing the conservation of the food’s original characteristics. Aseptic pouches maintain product quality within the sealed package, even in a non-refrigerated environment. Choose Liquibox to optimize profits without the added cost of refrigerated shipping, while still keeping your product at the peak of freshness.

School meals and governmental projects

The Liquibox pouch system is a resourceful solution for individual serving applications. Add a simple straw to create a single-serve format for school meals and institutional meals, as well as gym, army, prison and hospital use. An easy way to deliver quality products in a cost-effective pouch format everywhere and accessible to everyone. Moreover, single-serve pouches allow you to optimize logistics and minimize environmental impacts by drastically reducing waste. These pouches can be completely emptied, so no waste, no contamination.

Pouches help you reduce

Material | Shipping | Storage | Waste

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