Introducing the upgraded Liquibox 1000 product line

July 31, 2014

Liqui-Box is proud to announce the commercialization of the next generation Liquibox 1000 filling system.

This improved system incorporates the latest technology in controls design to meet global specifications and improve operator’s experience without changing the features that make this semi-automatic system one of the best systems in the world. Liqui-Box provides modern liquid filling systems matched to customer’s application needs throughout the world and offers the most innovative solutions on the market today.

“The new Liqui-Box 1000 combines years of proven performance with the latest controls technology to ensure reliable and low cost operation for our customers. We will continue to develop and incorporate new offerings throughout our products on an ongoing basis.”

—Ron Beard, Vice President of Global Equipment at Liqui-Box.

The next generation Liqui-Box 1000 development provides a convenient operator user interface, automates all production start-up and CIP functions, and meets the latest safety standards while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. These features are being integrated into the Liqui-Box 1000 dual head filler with a planned commercialization in the 3rd quarter this year.

Visit our Liquibox 1000 page to learn more.

About Liquibox

Founded in 1961, Liquibox is a global leader in liquid packaging and dispensing—working in partnership with customers to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that achieve sustainable performance. In February 2020, Liquibox acquired DS Smith’s flexible packaging and Worldwide Dispensers that are now working as one across 20 locations powered by a global workforce of nearly 2,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia (USA).

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