From Concept to Production

50 years of experience developing industry leading liquid dispensing solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

We believe that any packaging opportunity can be met by applying knowledge and imagination. Our innovation and expertise has enabled us to develop solutions across a range of industries from small consumer dispensers to industrial B2B taps and fitments.

Our expert group of engineers and designers has extensive knowledge of new technologies and materials and can co-create innovative, functional and cost-effective solutions with our customers.

Our design team offers:

  • Conceptual design using the latest software modeling processes such as AutoDesk Mouldflow simulation software for predicting and analyzing molding concepts
  • Rapid tooling/prototyping using different techniques to best suit customer requirements allowing real time validation of the functionality of the design
  • CAD rendering images enabling realistic visons of the finished product
  • 3D printing within 24 hours for hands-on visualization and evaluation
  • MOCON oxygen transmission testing
  • Epson Scara robotic cell for low volume automated assembly

The highest quality manufacturing

Once your design is complete and proven, the industrialization process can begin. Our state-of-the-art, automated high precision injection moulding equipment and assembly machines allow us to provide the best quality and price competitive components.

The manufacturing process is meticulously managed from the injection moulding stage to the assembly and testing process. Computer controlled measuring equipment and lasers are used to identify even the slightest deviation in the component, long before the product performance could be affected.

Individual parts are assembled by high-speed automated processes which are specifically designed and arranged for your product. Our quality control testing is reliable and thorough, incorporating pneumatic leak testing as well as vision monitoring systems.