Lever Taps with optional Air Return

We design and produce lever taps for a wide range of metal and plastic containers such as bottles, jerry cans, drums, barrels, water butts, cubitainers, stand up pouches and Bag-in-Box.

Our lever taps offer versatility and enable consumers to control the product flow by turning the lever accordingly. Optional air return allows for an effortless ‘glug’ free dispense from rigid containers.

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Easy action lever taps with an 8mm spigot for rigid and semi-rigid containers as well as Bag-in-Box.

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Air-return lever taps designed for single-opening containers. Provide a smooth dispense without hazard, waste or the need for secondary venting.

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Smooth Flow

Compact, air-return lever taps designed for small 3-10L single-opening bottles, jerry cans or glass demijohns.

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Convenient lever taps with an 18mm spigot bore and no air return. These are ideal for more viscous liquids.

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Water Butts

Durable, smooth-action lever taps for gardening and household applications. Hose connect options are designed to be used with water irrigation systems.

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Looking for a customized lever tap?  Contact us and we will develop the right solution for you.