Half-a-century of patented, market-driven innovations

Our approach to innovation is simple and effective. We listen to you and your customers to understand all aspects of your collective needs and deliver a product that seamlessly integrates with your process, maximizes your efficiency and delivers long-term reliable performance.

Doing business on five continents gives us a unique opportunity to build worldwide strategic supplier partnerships. Our global reach allows us to access the latest in materials, equipment and know-how to continuously improve our product performance today and enhance our flexible packaging solutions tomorrow.

Built on more than 50 years of experience, Liquibox pioneered technology in the bag-in-box and pouch flexible packaging industries. Today, we continue to build on our legacy and strive for innovative solutions for your packaging needs. We are specialists in many liquid packaging industries such as beverage, dairy, food and wine, as well as experts in pasteurized, ESL and aseptic processes.

How We Innovate

Understanding Needs

The first step is to understand the scope and various considerations of each new development project. By soliciting feedback from our customers and the end consumer and maintaining an understanding of whats current in the industry throughout the world, we gain a better understanding of what’s needed for each application and innovation project.

Generating Ideas

We actively engage in the ideation process with our customers—it’s part of our DNA. We work with you to fully understand your business context, needs and requirements, as well as those of your customers, in order to generate ideas and develop the best solution.

Creating Concepts

We identify critical functions and keep them in focus while generating and selecting concepts to develop. We explore concepts through sketch ideas and 3D modeling to visualize the design proposal, communicate functionality and features clearly, and make any necessary revisions based on feedback.

Developing Prototypes

We develop an initial prototype, test and optimize the design of each component, then finalize the project to ensure a complete and effective solution.

Commercializing Innovation

We work with our customers to optimize performance and implement the final design. This final phase validates innovation through real-life functional testing. Once we have ensured that you and your customers are completely satisfied, we take the final steps to initiate commercial production by scaling up our prototype.

In-House Development Capabilities

We take pride in our ability to design, test and manufacture our fitments, films, connectors and fillers in house. Our team has developed strong capabilities for testing fitments and films in our state-of-the-art lab. We also use design and prototyping capabilities to test and verify the fit and function of our innovations in progress. Whatever your project requires, we have the capabilities to deliver an outstanding solution. See some of our lab capabilities below.

Fitment Development & Testing
  • We develop our fitments through 2D and 3D CAD modeling software, which facilitates all phases, from design through to prototyping.
  • Our full fitment testing capabilities include: dimensional, tensiling, environmental testing (hot/cold/steam/bio) to predict design and material durability, filler compatibility, and packaging, shipping and dispensing performances.
Bag Samples & Film Testing
  • Seal strength analysis
  • Tear resistance testing
  • Over-the-road package integrity simulation testing (vibration, drop)
Production of Innovative Packages
  • We ensure innovative package production by testing the interaction between the bag and our filling equipment. This is a cross-functional process involving both the lab and equipment teams.

Innovating Bag-In-Box

Helical Technology
Helical Technology

Our Helical® bag-in-box evacuation system is proven to evacuate over 99% of a bag’s contents, minimizing waste and saving you money. Our patented technology allows you and your valued customers to minimize product loss through a more efficient evacuation method.

Flip-N-Seal Technology

Our patented Flip-n-Seal family of fitments is designed for any application and delivers quick, easy and convenient connection options, as well as outstanding protection for your products. This innovative family of fitments has an automatic resealing feature with a membrane that seals the cap when an adapter is removed. In addition to the automatic sealing feature, the Flip-n-Seal fitments have a closeable cap, providing dual sealing points that protect your valuable product.

Metalized Packaging Film
FlexFX Film

Our FlexFX film delivers increased package integrity and durability. FlexFX inner-ply film provides a new innovative bag that reduces flex cracks and increases heat resistance to protect your valuable products. FlexFX has been shown to reduce the number of pinholes by over 85%, as compared to other standard films in the industry. FlexFX is another Liquibox innovation that protects your products and saves you money!

wine dispenser
Liqui-Sure Dispensing Tap

The Liqui-Sure dispensing tap has a tamper-evident cap and provides ease of dispensing in a convenient, intuitive design. Liqui-Sure delivers outstanding dispensing performance for all your products, including aseptic processed liquids.

Equipment Innovations

Bag-in-box system
The Orbiter 6000

The fastest bag-in-box system on the market

The Orbiter 6000 rotary filler is the only fully automatic rotary filler of its kind in the world. This versatile and variable-speed 6-head filler has the capacity to meet the highest demands for packaging your products in the most critical environments. The Orbiter 6000 is ideal for pasteurized and extended-shelf-life applications.

Automated food packaging filler
The Liquibox 2000

Robust low acid aseptic automatic filler

This fully automated aseptic strip filler is the ideal solution for your dairy packaging needs. The Liquibox 2000 achieves fill speeds up to 1.5 times faster than the competition, making it the gold standard in aseptic bag-in-box fillers.

Environmental Advancements

We have launched numerous initiatives over the years to reduce our environmental impact across all manufacturing and production processes. As we move forward, we continue to seek out advancements that will reduce our material waste and environmental impact. Liquibox is dedicated to finding the next reduction in environmental impact and sharing its advantages with our stakeholders.