Bag-in-box delivers superior product protection and over 99% product evacuation

Liquibox pioneered the bag-in-box technology decades ago and masters its application in industries such as beverages, dairy, food, industrial fluids and many others. We systematically design our bags and fitments with a wide range of food and non-food applications in mind.

Thanks to a vast library of specialized film and fitment structures, our experts provide specific benefits for your liquid packaging process. Some of these benefits include oxygen and light barriers, seal strength and flex-crack resistance, as well as toughness and durability to protect your valuable product. We offer bag-in-box solutions in sizes ranging from 1 to 370 gallons (3.8 to 1400 liters).

Discover how Liquibox can deliver outstanding bag-in-box solutions with our comprehensive portfolio of fillers, fitments, films and high-quality customer service.

Advantages of Bag-In-Box

  • Preserves and protects the quality of your valuable product
  • Reduces overall carbon footprint, as compared to other packaging options
  • Provides a safe filling process
  • Significant savings on shipping and warehousing costs
  • Less packaging material than rigid packaging
  • Easily dispensable
  • Longer shelf life

Bag-in-box helps you reduce

Material | Shipping | Storage | Waste

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