Keep iced beverages fresh and free from contaminants


Our recycle-ready urn-liners deliver the hygienic protection and operational improvements you need for delivering fresh-tasting iced tea and coffee, lemonade, fruit drinks and more to dine-in restaurants, quick service restaurants (QSR) and convenience stores. From 3G-6G liners that fit standard iced beverage urn dispensers to customizable sizes, we can meet your needs in a way that works seamlessly with your operation.

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Food safety

With our patented urn-liner technology and dispensing spigot, your beverage never comes into contact with the container around it or the spigot. This allows for a great-tasting beverage free from unwanted flavors left by cleaning chemical residue or microbial contamination from improper cleaning practices.

An urn-liner is a specially designed disposable structure that lines the inside of your beverage urn. It comes complete with a custom tube that feeds through the spigot thereby protecting the whole system from contamination. Food safety has never been more important.   

Operational efficiencies

Designed for single-day use, our urn-liners are easy to install and use with a changeover process taking less than one minute. They eliminate the need for time-consuming urn sanitation and disassembly/reassembly of the spigot, saving around 10 minutes of prep work every day. 

Advantages of urn-liners

Liquibox urn-liners provide a number of quality and operational benefits:

  • Recycle-ready
  • Easy-to-use and install with a quick changeover process
  • Reduce the need for daily cleaning—each liner lasts 24 hours
  • Eliminate taste complaints
  • Extend the shelf life of metal urns, spigots and wraps


Learn more about how we can protect your most profitable beverage with Liquibox urn-liners. Free sample kits available.