Bulk Liners (IBC)

More sustainable and hygienic packaging for bulk delivery of your liquids


Liquibox bulk packaging solutions are engineered to maintain superior product quality while delivering the highest levels of safety and durability. Whether you are shipping tomato paste, fruit juice or industrial fluids, our heavy duty bulk packaging ensures that your products arrive intact and well-preserved—no matter where in the world they travel. On top of that, flexible bulk bags with top and bottom discharges are tote-friendly—fitting seamlessly into a wide range of corrugate, plastic, metal and other types of intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

Liquibox is committed to protecting valuable fresh products and we constantly focus our effort on developing new and improved aseptic packaging options such as our FlexAsept® film for the bulk liquid food market. Aseptic bulk bags allow for the non-refrigerated shipment and storage of a product until repackaging for final consumption.

Bags & films for bulk liners

We offer a variety of high barrier film structures specially designed for bulk applications including metPET laminates, EVOH nylon laminates, foil with PE, double barrier metPET and EVOH in different plies as well as our blue FlexAsept film structure for superior aseptic product protection.

Our bulk bag liners meet superior quality standards and are available in sizes ranging from 23L (6G) to 1400L (370G). Our bulk bags are comprised of FDA-certified resins and are sterilized with the appropriate level of gamma irradiation depending on the product type.

Fitments for bulk liners

Our offering includes both industry standard fitments and exclusive designs for aseptic filling and dispensing. Regardless of your aseptic liquid packaging requirements we have fitments that provide protection and convenience for your products and end use.

Advantages of bulk liners


  • Airtight filling eliminates possible contamination problems
  • No pre-cleaning needed as the bags are supplied flat
  • No air ingress eliminates skinning and aids easy pump discharge

More sustainable

  • Eliminates expensive and problem-causing waste cleaning
  • Space efficient for disposal as fold-down containers can be stacked six per pallet when empty

Optimized for transport and storage

  • 1000L containers can be stacked up to five levels when full

Longer shelf life

  • No contact with air even after opening as the bag collapses allowing partial usage and longer opened shelf life

Learn more about the advantages of flexible packaging on our benefits page.

Complementary products


FlexAsept® film

Learn more about this specially designed EVOH-BON laminate for bulk aseptic products, featuring superior flexibility, improved thermal resistance and excellent oxygen transmission rate (OTR) performance.


Bulk fillers

Learn more about our reliable and efficient filling systems that provide superior performance for bulk packaging of low and high-acid aseptic products.


From greater sustainability to higher performance, we’re here to deliver what your business needs most.