Customer-Focused Support Team

Our highest priority is ensuring that Liquibox filling systems always operate at peak performance.

No matter where you are in the world, you can count on our proactive maintenance team to deliver comprehensive technical service in person, on the phone or over the web. Our skilled professionals also offer cost-effective maintenance packages designed specifically for our equipment and your operations.

At Liquibox, we strive to add value in four key ways:

Installation and Training

We offer onsite installation of your Liquibox equipment with our specialized support team to ensure your production is up in running as quickly as possible. We also equip you to keep your operation at peak efficiency through factory and site based training programs with our experienced support team.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance programs maintain your equipment and keep your production running. By maintaining your equipment according to best practices, production flow is secured and costs are minimized.

Reactive Service

If production stops, revenue stops. We move quickly and efficiently to get you back on line.

Asset Optimization

By ensuring that your entire production line, from the box erector to the palletizer, is operating at the highest possible efficiency, we help you maintain the lowest possible production costs.

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