Bags & Film

Optimized bag & film structures to preserve your product from filling to dispensing


Delivering the optimal package for your products and applications is our highest priority. Our extensive knowledge of polymers and resins, combined with a strong R&D culture, help Liquibox deliver flexible packaging film systems that are configured for your applications. Our durable film structures deliver outstanding protection while preserving the quality and integrity of your product from filling to dispensing.

Liquibox provides a variety of standard and custom film types for bag-in-box and pouch applications. Our standard film offerings include nylon, metallized polyester, biax nylon/EVOH, aluminum foil and sophisticated polyethylene only designs, specifically for dairy applications.

Our packaging film structures provide specific benefits such as superior barriers to oxygen, light, grease and moisture as well as excellent flex crack, puncture and tear resistance. We have a packaging film solution for any industry or application to get your products to market safely, economically and sustainably.

To meet the increasing need for recyclable products, we now offer a sustainable line of Liquipure bags that meet industry guidelines for recyclability and support the circular economy, without compromising on performance.

Bag types

Barrier films

Liquipure ultra: recycle-ready bag capable of achieving improved protection without nylon or metallization, learn more.

Nylon: ideal for applications requiring superior toughness

Nylon/EVOH: the added EVOH provides additional oxygen protection over our standard nylon offering. This offering includes FlexAsept®, an EVOH-BON laminate for bulk bag-in-box aseptic products.

Metallized-Polyester: optimal light, moisture and oxygen barrier

Non-barrier films

Liquipure lite: recycle-ready bag that delivers superior toughness, durability and flex-crack resistance, learn more.

CRYOVAC® Brand Form-Fill-Seal Films


Hot fill

The heat in the product helps reduce micro-organisms and extend shelf life. Non-aseptic.

ESL (Extended Shelf Life)

Extends the refrigerated shelf life significantly. Non-aseptic.


Keeps products safe and flavorful for at least six months without refrigeration or preservatives. Aseptic bulk bags enable non-refrigerated shipment and storage of food and beverages until it is repackaged for final consumption.


Learn more about our advanced packaging film production capabilities.