Ready for the future: sustainable flexible packaging for bag-in-box

Flexible packaging solutions that are mono-material, recycle-ready and ultra-strong

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Liquipure™ is a portfolio of recycle-ready flexible packaging for bag-in-box that minimizes the environmental footprint of packaging through the use of high-quality sustainable materials and innovative designs. Developed with industry guidelines and recyclability requirements in mind, the Liquipure bags are the ideal solution to help you achieve your company-wide sustainability goals.

We offer Liquipure mono-material bags in both barrier and non-barrier options to serve a wide variety of product applications including dairy, post-mix syrup, and edible oil. Boasting never-before-seen performance from recycle-ready bag-in-box solutions, Liquipure ensures that customers no longer have to choose between durable product protection and sustainable packaging.

Liquipure solutions

Liquipure lite

Recycle-ready polyethylene structure that delivers superior toughness and durability with reduced film gauge, perfect for dairy products.

Liquipure ultra

Ultra-strong proprietary recycle-ready design that features excellent oxygen barrier properties suitable for liquid products requiring medium to high barrier protection.


From greater sustainability to higher performance, we’re here to deliver what your business needs most.