Liquipure® lite


Our unique Liquipure® lite flexible packaging for bag-in-box boasts features that haven’t been achieved until now, such as improved sealing characteristics, reduced film gauge, optimized performance for refrigerated products and improved toughness and durability to ensure your products are delivered to your customers safely.

Mono-material packaging for non-barrier dairy applications

Liquipure lite’s lightweight film structure delivers all the benefits you require. While this is not a new innovation, Liquibox believes the rebranding of their standard dairy film as a part of Liquipure family highlights the significant sustainability benefits their dairy customers have experienced for years through the use of the Liquibox all-PE bags. This specialized bag offering is lighter, ready to be recycled, has stronger seals, superior drop height performance, fewer leakers in the field, reduced material usage and reduced inbound shipping costs. The reduction in raw materials and film gauge, together with superior performance makes Liquipure lite the ideal solution for top dairy companies today.

Game-changing impacts of Liquipure lite

82% less CO2 emissions than HDPE jugs

78% less plastic than HDPE jugs

Recycle-ready mono-material structure

Lightweight design with a low barrier

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