E-commerce Ready Packaging

Your e-commerce packaging solution to make it right

The shift to e-commerce has left many brands and consumers frustrated with product damage or leakage, excessive packaging waste, and a lackluster appearance. Liquibox offers a Ships-In-Own-Container (SIOC) bag-in-box solution for Amazon that reduces waste, minimizes the risk of damage, and provides exclusive opportunities for brand marketing. The new e-commerce ready bag-in-box solution is designed to help brands overcome the challenges of the e-commerce supply chain for liquid products.

Is your current packaging failing to survive online fulfillment?

Protect your products, and your brand, with bag-in-box for e-commerce. Watch the video to learn more.

Ultimate e-commerce liquid packaging that delivers value

Commit to sustainability

Minimize your carbon footprint with a more sustainable, recycle-ready, transport-optimized option. Bag-in-box packaging is lightweight, using up to 30% less packaging than alternative formats such as single-use bottles. This bag-in-box solution not only reduces waste, but also cuts transportation and storage costs. In addition, each component is designed to meet recyclability guidelines and keep material out of the landfill to support customer sustainability goals and satisfy consumer demand.

Ensure products arrive undamaged

The new e-commerce bag-in-box design has been proven to keep liquids safe throughout the rigorous journey to the consumers’ doorstep. The Liquipure® bag, combined with a specially designed box, allows a bag-in-box package to ship without secondary or tertiary packaging. This means you can list your products as SIOC certified on Amazon.

The airtight recycle-ready flexible packaging and dispensing tap protect the product from contamination, extend the shelf life and mitigate the risk of leakages, while the tough outer box protects the product from external impact.

Earn five-star customer reviews

Brands looking for innovative packaging formats can wow consumers with a unique online shopping experience with this e-commerce bag-in-box solution. By eliminating the need for cumbersome dunnage, the consumers have the pleasure of receiving an appealing, undamaged box and can get right to enjoying the product inside.

Testing capabilities

As a trusted partner to our customers, we create value by ensuring product integrity, operational efficiency, package optimization, and brand experiences. As part of SEE, our customers have access to 18 ISTA-certified and Amazon testing facilities across the globe, equipped to perform a range of industry-standard tests using simulated and real-world conditions such as shock, vibration, and compression.


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