Liquipure® ultra


Award-winning Liquipure® ultra flexible packaging for bag-in-box uses advanced resin technology that is ultra-strong to provide reliable product protection, and yet sustainably simple, as we call it, to meet recyclability guidelines.

Revolutionary recycle-ready solution offering medium to high barrier protection

Traditional medium and high barrier bag-in-box packaging is comprised of laminated films using nylon or metallized polyester for strength and polyethylene for sealing, but the mixed-material designs pose challenges to recycling. By utilizing the latest revolutionary polyethylene technology, our Liquipure ultra design eliminates the need for nylon, while still achieving outstanding performance and durability to protect beverages and other liquid products. Not only does this new mono-material structure eliminate energy-intensive materials and processes, it is also compatible with existing polyethylene recycling streams so that you can achieve the sustainable performance your business needs and your consumers expect.

What is more, Liquipure ultra achieves equivalent evacuation standards without the need for an evacuation device, which further reduces plastic consumption while ensuring that products are not wasted. Another value chain benefit is the improvement in filling speed—Liquipure ultra has the capability to increase throughput on filling machines by 10%, improving efficiency and reducing downtime for customers.

Game-changing impacts of Liquipure® ultra

20% less CO2 emissions than traditional beverage bag-in-box bags

Equivalent evacuation with no need for an evacuation device

Recycle-ready mono-material structure; nylon and metPET free

Lightweight design with a moderate to high barrier

Benefits of switching from traditional nylon beverage bags with evacuation devices to mono-material Liquipure bags without evacuation devices. Based on an estimated quantity of 1 million 5 gallon bags in the United States. Sources: EcoImpact LCA, Liquibox customer trials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Liquipure ultra bags accepted in the recycling streams?

Yes! Our mono-material Liquipure ultra bag-in-box solution meets recyclability guidelines and can be recycled in existing polyethylene film streams. Designed in alignment with guidance from the most influential sustainability organizations such as SPC, CEFLEX and the Ellen MacArthur foundation, Liquipure flexible packaging helps customers achieve their sustainable packaging objectives. This is a game-changer compared to traditional beverage bags which are multi-material and use materials like nylon or metallized polyester which are detrimental to recyclability.

With Liquipure ultra recycle-ready flexible packaging, how much plastic will we really save?

Based on an estimated quantity of 1 million 5 gallon bags, you would remove 6 tons of material from the supply chain and divert up to 99 tons of plastic from landfills, which is comparable to the weight of 17 elephants!

Sources: EcoImpact LCA, Liquibox customer trials

Does Liquipure ultra work for my liquid product?

Liquipure ultra offers medium to high barrier protection to keep your liquid products safe. It serves a wide variety of markets from beverages to wine and personal care products. Contact us to discuss how Liquipure ultra meets your unique product protection requirements.

Will I have to sacrifice on filling speed or performance?

With Liquipure, you will not only meet your sustainability goals but also achieve superior performance. According to our customer trials, Liquipure supports up to 10% higher throughput to improve your lines efficiency. It has equivalent evacuation without the need for an evacuation device, reducing the amount of plastic needed. And what’s more, it is stronger and more durable with improved oxygen transmission rate.

Is Liquipure ultra available globally?

Yes! Liquibox has capabilities to supply Liquipure bags anywhere in the world. Get in touch with us to order a sample or learn more.


What sustainability goals can Liquipure ultra help you meet? We are here to find the right solution for you.