Liquibox Intasept®

Liquibox Intasept: Aseptic bag-in-box filling systems

The Liquibox Intasept series features semi-automatic filling equipment for a wide range of high and low-acid products. Unlike other aseptic filling machines in the market, the unique patented Intasept aseptic filling technology offers the security of heat-sealed closure both before and after filling. The Intasept system is designed to fill 1.5-20L (0.5-5G) flexible bags for bag-in-box as well as bulk 210-1500L (55-395G) bags for drums, bins and intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

Tecnología Intasept

El sistema consta de dos partes:

  • Double membrane: 16 or 32mm glands, available in round or rectangular shapes, guarantee heat-sealed closure before and after filling. Intasept system utilizes a patented energy riser technology for more effective and quicker reseal.
  • Filler: ensures the sterile transfer for both low and high acid products without the use of chemical agents.

Beneficios de las máquinas de llenado Intasept:

  • Interfaz del operario intuitiva
  • Sistema fácil de instalar con solo vapor, aire comprimido y energía monofásica
  • No se requiere un entorno de fábrica especializado, ya que el sistema de transferencia cerrado excluye el aire ambiente de todas las etapas del proceso de llenado
  • Quick and simple bag size changes
  • Funciones de limpiado y vaporizado in situ (CIP/SIP)
  • Tamaño compacto

Our range of Intasept fillers

S-Series Intasept: single head or dual head semi-automatic filler

The Liquibox S-Series is an affordable and user-friendly bag-in-box filler that empowers businesses to thrive at any stage of development. The Intasept S-Series is designed to work with 16 and 32mm glands. Tap and piecer fittings are available for the 16mm gland.

Filling rate*

Volume L (G)Single head BPMDual head BPM
4L (1G)47
10L (2.5G)47
20L (5G)36

Intasept 2800: single head bulk filler

A bulk filler designed to fill bags ranging from 5 to 1500L (1.5-395G). Ideal for filling fresh, stable and viscous liquid products.

Filling rate*

Volume L (G)Bolsas por hora
5L (1.5G)140
10L (2.5G)140
20L (5G)140
210L (55G)50
1000L (265G)15

*Las cifras de velocidad de llenado son promedios registrados en varias instalaciones de clientes. La velocidad real depende de la destreza del operario, la velocidad de suministro del producto y el tamaño de la bolsa.


La tecnología de llenado aséptico Intasept es adecuada para productos líquidos y en partículas, tanto en contenido bajo como alto en ácido:


Dairy, juices, coffee & tea, water, among others.


Ice cream mix, coconut milk, creams, custards, soups, broths, sauces, fruit & vegetables purees, and pulp with particles up to 10mm


Omega 3, vitaminas, enzimas


Alimentación clínica y medios de cultivo celular


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