Pioneering protection for your valuable liquid products

Preserving and protecting your liquid products is our top priority. Liquibox pioneered bag-in-box technology more than 50 years ago, and we continue to make liquid packaging advancements for a variety of industries across the globe, including beverages, liquid foods, chemical fluids and more.

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We offer full system bag-in-box solutions through our comprehensive portfolio of films, flexible bags, bag-making and filling machines—combined with Worldwide Dispensers’ fitments and dispensing taps. Our best-in-class bag-in-box packaging provides oxygen and light barrier, seal strength and flex crack resistance in addition to toughness and long-distance shipping durability. Whether you use one of our standard sizes, ranging from 1L to 1400L (0.25G to 370G), or require a customizable solution, we put our expertise to work to deliver flexible liquid bag-in-box packaging that gets the job done.

Advantages of

Our bag-in-box flexible packaging and dispensing offering provides many practical benefits for manufacturers, retailers and end users:

  • Extended product shelf life
  • Transportation and storage savings
  • User-friendly dispensing
  • Safe and hygienic filling process
  • Reduced carbon footprint as compared to other packaging options
  • Differentiation and maximum facing for branding

Learn more about the advantages of flexible packaging on our benefits page.

We offer the full system solution

Bag-in-box Full-System-Solution_Infographic


Bag-in-box Fillers

High performance filling equipment for flexible bags to enhance your productivity and bottom line


Optimized film structures to preserve your product from filling to dispensing


From greater sustainability to higher performance, we’re here to deliver what your business needs most.