CoatingsTech Magazine: Consumer demands drive developments in DIY paint packaging

August 14, 2020

In the midst of COVID-19, the do-it-yourself (DIY) paint sector has experienced a measurable increase in sales as consumers look for more sustainable, easy-to-use products for home improvement projects, while sheltering in place for months.

Liquibox participated in an interview with CoatingsTech Magazine Contributing Writer, Cynthia Challener, Ph.D., and was featured in the August issue of CoatingsTech magazine covering the recent developments in packaging for paint products sold to the DIY market.

“Paint manufacturers will also be looking for more ways to reuse or recycle paint, reduce environmental impact, and minimize the amount of produce that is thrown away, all while providing a safe, user-friendly and practical product for customers.”

– Anastasia Khodakova, Liquibox Global Marketing Director

Read the full article here to learn more about the recent growth of the DIY paint sector and how more sustainable packaging for the paint and coatings market, like flexible bag-in-box, is gaining traction, according to leading paint and packaging companies globally.

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