Liqui-Box Wins Silver Award for Technical Innovation

March 8, 2019

Liqui-Box, a world leader in flexible liquid packaging solutions, earned a silver award from the Flexible Packaging Association in the technical innovation category for the development of Bar-Asept.

Liqui-Box has won seven times since first entering the annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition in 2014. The company’s Bar-Asept laminate, commercially available since mid-2018, won this year for the innovative use of aseptic technology.

Bar-Asept is a new adhesive laminate structure for use in aseptic form-fill-seal pouch packaging that is designed to significantly reduce leakers and provide superior barrier performance. High-performance sealants and high-barrier coextrusion layers in Bar-Asept make the laminate extremely durable under demanding processing conditions, even in fitmented applications.

Senior Vice President of Research and Development Greg Gard said: “Next-level packaging integrity was our goal with Bar-Asept. In testing, we achieved a drop-height of more than double the requirement. Sealing through particulates is a significant differentiator. Bar-Asept is an outstanding product, and now we’re delighted to say it’s award-winning.”

Gard believes this award is another example of how Liqui-Box continues to implement a vision of being the leader in liquid packaging systems and solutions around the world.

About Liquibox

Founded in 1961, Liquibox is a global leader in liquid packaging and dispensing—working in partnership with customers to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that achieve sustainable performance. In February 2020, Liquibox acquired DS Smith’s flexible packaging and Worldwide Dispensers that are now working as one across 21 locations powered by a global workforce of nearly 2,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia (USA).

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