An innovative sealing solution from Liquibox

February 3, 2014

Liqui-Box is continually looking for the next innovative solution to deliver the best liquid packaging equipment systems on the market today.  The latest example of this drive to provide valuable products and innovation to our customers is the patented heat sealing jaw mechanism for VFFS (vertical form fill and seal) machines developed by the team at Liqui-Box.

The new patented heat sealing jaw mechanism has been tested on the IS-7 series vertical and horizontal sealing jaws and will be implemented on other aseptic Liqui-Box products in the future. This new heat sealing jaw system uses state of the art control technology to continually maintain jaw sealing pressure. The benefit of effectively eliminating the variability in jaw pressure means that quality seals are consistently delivered eliminating the need for frequent stops. Now adjustments can be made on the fly without production interruption. This innovative heat sealing jaw system allows the pressure being applied by the jaws to be adjusted during machine operation and with virtually no loss of flexible packages. This means more quality product can be run every shift with less jaw maintenance translating to higher output every day.

Another innovative aspect of this new heat sealing jaw is the compact scale of the design. These capabilities haven’t been attainable in such a compact and cost effective form until now. You can count on innovative and efficient liquid packaging solutions from Liqui-Box®.

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