Introducing the Liquibox 900 filling system

April 16, 2014

Liqui-Box provides liquid packaging and filling systems with total cost of ownership matched to our customer’s needs throughout the world. The latest addition to the Liqui-Box filler line up is our entry level semi-automatic Liqui-Box 900 for the Asian beverage and juice markets.

Liqui-Box is proud to announce the introduction of the Liqui-Box 900, a simple to operate semi-automatic filler that is reliable, accurate, easy to maintain, ergonomic, safe, and efficient. The Liqui-Box 900 delivers fast and accurate filling, easy to use controls, and ergonomic 5 gallon filling at up to 4 bags per minute making it the perfect filler for start-up and low volume beverage and juice filling operations.

In addition the Liqui-Box 900 features a modern touch screen user interface to ensure ease of operation and a standard vacuum and nitrogen purge system that protects our customer’s valuable products. The Liqui-Box 900 provides all these features at a cost efficient investment that maintains a low total cost of ownership filling system from purchase through operation.

Be sure to check back frequently for more business news and technology improvements from Liqui-Box. Please contact us with any questions about the Liqui-Box 900 or any other inquiries you may have.


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