Liquibox designs industry-changing Liqui-Top™ for growing bag-in-box wine

January 24, 2017

Liqui-Box, a world leader in flexible liquid packaging, has designed a new dispensing tap, Liqui-Top™, which will revolutionize the bag-in-box wine market for years to come. 

Their new Top -Tap development elevates the tap to the top of the box allowing the consumer to place a standard glass directly under the tap for pouring.  Liqui-Top™ eliminates the need to lift the box over a glass to dispense, or pouring over the edge of a countertop.  This new tap design is manually activated; therefore the consumer no longer has to contend with slow pour rates as the bag nears depletion.  In addition to an improved experience for the consumer, the Liqui-Top™ has been designed entirely from plastic components for improved oxygen barrier performance while maintaining recyclability.

“The bag in box wine industry has been asking for something new and exciting, and the Liqui-Box team is proud to continue with its strong culture of innovation and bring this new design to the market”, commented Greg Gard, Senior Vice President R&D at Liqui-Box.


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