Liquibox Reveals Progress Toward Sustainability Objectives in Latest Report

October 5, 2022

The new Sustainability Update from Liquibox highlights their continued commitment to achieving ambitious sustainability targets by 2025.

In it, the flexible packaging company provides a transparent overview on their journey toward the goals that were announced in their inaugural 2021 Sustainability Report. A few of the updates Liquibox covers in the report include: expanding their recycle-ready Liquipure® portfolio, implementing new safety trainings and joining Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).

Liquibox’s sustainability strategy reflects the company’s mission to create a safer and more sustainable future by focusing on product stewardship from the design stage to the manufacturing process, while building positive social impact along the way. This approach enables Liquibox to add value to their high-quality, innovative packaging solutions by addressing customer sustainability goals throughout the value chain, without sacrificing performance.

In addition to the quantitative progress toward their 2025 sustainability goals, the report also includes specific initiatives and projects that are taking place across the global organization. These brief stories show how sustainability has been integrated into the company culture and demonstrate the dedication and passion at Liquibox to work together as a team and drive meaningful change for the future of our planet.

Their efforts since publishing their sustainability strategy last year range from new product launches that use less material, increasing their use of renewable energy and partnering with local organizations to offer employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

“Our 2022 update represents our relentless drive to advance sustainability within our own organization and navigate the sustainability challenges our customers and industry are facing,” said Ken Swanson, Liquibox President and CEO. “We have a long journey ahead of us, but I am encouraged by Liquibox’s ability to tackle our sustainability goals one day at a time.”

The 2022 Sustainability Update can be downloaded here.

About Liquibox

Founded in 1961, Liquibox is a global leader in liquid packaging and dispensing—working in partnership with customers to create a safer and more sustainable future. Liquibox is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative flexible packaging solutions that offer reliable product protection. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia (USA), the company is inspiring change around the world, working as one across 17 global locations powered by a dedicated workforce of nearly 1,400 employees.

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