Liquibox wins technical innovation award for Sure Seal dairy films

March 9, 2016

Liqui-Box, a world leader in flexible liquid packaging solutions, is proud to announce they are the recipient of an award that showcases their capabilities to design, develop and produce innovative flexible packaging technology. The Silver Award for Technical Innovation was presented to Liqui-Box for their development and commercialization of the Sure Seal™ line of flexible dairy pouch films.

The patented Sure Seal dairy film is a co-extruded packaging film for high speed vertical form fill and seal pouch applications in the dairy market. The film is comprised of a sealant skin layer made of a state-of-the-art, high hot-tack resin and a specially formulated core layer that provides both stiffness and toughness; all of which provides superior runability and leaker resistance while reducing film gauge.

Sure Seal film has been in production since June of 2015 and has been well accepted due to reliable sealing characteristics and reduced leaker rates. This innovative new film offering provides a step change in efficiency, quality and environmental footprint over the existing dairy pouch films in the market. The design and development of the Sure Seal film has led to enhanced runability on the filler with less down time and a significant reduction in the amount of leakers. All of these improvements were achieved while still retaining the required film stiffness to ensure ease of use for the consumer.


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