Ultimate product protection for bulk packaged aseptic products

FlexAsept is comprised of an EVOH/Biaxially-oriented nylon (EVOH-BON) laminate, patented FlexFX and the new proprietary FlexLiner inner plies that are used in the food industry in bag-in-box format in sizes ranging from 1G to 300G (3L to 1100L). This film provides superior performance in the growing aseptic industry.

FlexAsept offers superior flexibility, improved thermal resistance and superior oxygen transmission rate (OTR) performance.  This packaging delivers our customers significant savings by reducing dunnage, handling and product spoilage as a result of flex cracking.

Benefits of
FlexAsept for your
bulk packaging

Superior flex crack resistance

Our breakthrough FlexAsept film structure delivers outstanding flexibility which protects your valuable products and maximizes your distribution capabilities.

Improved thermal resistance

The unique polyolefin blend inner ply of the FlexAsept package delivers improved thermal resistance, eliminating unsightly buckling of the film (known as crocodile skin).

Superior OTR performance

The retention of OTR during the lifecycle of an EVOH–BON laminate is at least 4 times better than the typical industry standard metallized polyester.

More sustainable

FlexAsept provides a reliable packaging option that keeps products safe while drastically reducing dunnage, resulting in less product spoilage.

FlexAsept delivers customers peace of mind knowing that their bulk bag-in-box products are protected from flex cracking and harmful oxygen transmission. It is simple: the FlexAsept protects your product and saves resources.

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