Liquibox 2000

Liquibox 2000:
Fully-automatic aseptic bag-in-box filler

The Liquibox 2000 is a low-acid aseptic fully-automatic filler that delivers industry leading production rates for aseptic bag-in-box packaging. Designed to be robust and reliable, this filler delivers peak performance with less downtime. The Liquibox 2000 is perfectly suited for customers with filling speed requirements of up to 15 – 1G (3L) bags per minute and can fill bags from 1 to 5 gallons (3 to 20 liters).

Production efficiency

One operator and one shift can manage a full production line and achieve annual packaging rates of 1.5 million bags of your low-acid aseptic product per year.

Designed for safety

The design of the Liquibox 2000 minimizes peroxide residuals to keep your aseptic production environment safe for your operators and maintenance personnel.

Enhances sterilization

The use of our continuous vapor hydrogen peroxide system minimizes peroxide use and maximizes production rate. This system also ensures reliable fitment sterilization for every fitment profile, even the most complex designs.



Filling rate

The fill rate numbers are averages recorded in various client facilities. Actual rate is dependent on operator dexterity, product supply rate, and bag size.

Volume G (L)Bags per minute (BPM)
1G (4L)15
2.5G (10L)11
5G (20L)8

Standard features

The fully automatic Liquibox 2000 aseptic filler also features:

  • Critical monitoring of data points that are recorded and stored to ensure optimal performance
  • Fully-automatic Clean-in-Place (CIP) functionality
  • Pre-filling hydrogen peroxide vapor fitment sterilization system
  • Safe, sterile filling in an over pressurized chamber



Juice, coffee & tea, dairy, among others.

Liquid food

Dairy & dairy alternatives, coconut products, smoothies, condiments & sauces, among others.


Pharmaceuticals, among others.


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