Liquibox Orbiter® 6000

Liquibox Orbiter 6000: Fully-Automatic
Rotary Bag-in-box Filler

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The fastest bag-in-box system on the market

With the Liquibox Orbiter 6000 rotary filler, you get increased speed, increased capacity, increased revenue, and reduced total cost of ownership. This filler is specially engineered for the challenges of high volume and can produce up to 7500 gallons (30000 liters) per hour while taking up less space and requiring fewer operator tasks than other fillers in the market.

Greater fill volumes

The Orbiter 6000’s unique design includes 6 independent filling stations with 6 independent metering systems and 6 cappers. Since all are working in continuous motion, it’s like having 6 individual fillers built into one efficient system.

Long-term reliability

The Orbiter 6000’s 6 heads and rotary motion significantly reduces the cycle rate compared to a web fed strip filler, resulting in less wear and tear and improved reliability and efficiency. The reduced cycle time means more production output and less downtime.

Low total cost of ownership

The reduced utility cost, reduced parts cost, reduced footprint, and reduced labor costs delivered by the Orbiter 6000 means that you can focus your resources on what is most important to your customers. This is achieved with seamless integration configured to your specific production and layout requirements which also simplifies operator’s tasks by consolidating the work area to a single in-feed and loading area.



Filler Dimension Graphics_Orbiter

Filling rate

Actual rates are dependent on product type, fitment size, downstream equipment, product piping, and other installation variables.

Volume G (L)Bags per minute (BPM)
1G (4L)32
2.5G (10L)32
5G (20L)25

Standard features

The Orbiter 6000 bag-in-box rotary filler delivers the fastest filling of your conventional and ESL products. Every filler is equipped with:

  • PLC controls for fast accurate filling
  • Convenient Clean-in-Place (CIP) function
  • Made of stainless steel and 3A approved polymers
  • All product contact surfaces are designed to conform to U.S. Public Health Service requirements
  • 6 fast accurate cappers, fill valves and metering systems



Water, post-mix, juice, coffee & tea, dairy, wine, beer & cider, among others.

Liquid food

Dairy & dairy alternatives, edible oil, smoothies, condiments & sauces, among others.


Paint, coatings & varnishes, chemicals, cleaning, automotive, pharmaceuticals, personal care, among others.


From greater sustainability to higher performance, we’re here to deliver what your business needs most.