Liquibox Handi-Tap

Liquibox Handi-Tap Plastic Bottle Filler

The Handi-Tap fillers offer fully automatic, in-line HDPE bottle filling for water and non-foaming flavored products. The Handi-Tap is available in a three-head or five-head configuration to meet your needs and improve your production efficiency.

Continuous filling system

State-of-the-art programmable logic controls are used for fast analysis of the filler’s operating program. The in-feed conveyor is both automatic and continuous. It simultaneously aligns the containers under the fill heads. The fully automatic capping system delivers caps to the pick-up stations where they are automatically pressed onto the Handi-Tap bottles after filling. Once filled and capped, the bottles are automatically released onto a continuously powered conveyor.

Customized for your needs

The Handi-Tap 350 is specifically designed for medium to high volume operations with 3 fill heads that are independently adjustable. For high capacity operations, the Handi-Tap 550 features 5 fill heads for increased productivity.



Handi-Tap 350: 18” L X 108” H X 85” W

Handi-Tap 550:  19” L X 108” H X 10” W

Filling rate

Handi-Tap 350:

Filling capacity of 2250 gallons per hour or 15 Handi-Tap containers per minute

Handi-Tap 550:

Filling capacity of 4200 gallons per hour or 28 Handi-Tap containers per minute

Standard features

Both of the Handi-Tap bottle filling machines are equipped with the following:

  • Microprocessor controlled for accuracy in operation
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Approved polymers and all product contact surfaces can be sterilized


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