Recycle-ready bag-in-box bag

Sustainable solution for bag-in-box

Liquibox flexible packaging that features the new recycle-ready film stands alone in the industry as the ideal solution for liquid products requiring moderate to medium barrier properties—without compromising on sustainability objectives.

Traditional bag-in-box bags for beverages such as post-mix syrup and water are comprised of laminated films using nylon for strength and polyethylene for sealing, but these mixed-material designs pose challenges to recycling. By utilizing our latest ultra-strong, proprietary polyethylene technology, our recycle-ready film no longer requires nylon and can still achieve outstanding performance and durability to protect beverages and other liquid products. Not only does this new monomaterial design eliminate energy-intensive materials and processes, but it is fully compatible with polyethylene recycling streams.

What does recycle-ready mean?

Our new film is recycle-ready as it was designed for collection, sorting and recycling, using end-of-life processes that are commercially available. Recycle-ready packaging is compatible with the flexible recycling streams or store drop-off programs that are currently available.

Recycle-ready refers to the bag-in-box bag. Please contact a Liquibox representative for information on which fitments meet recyclability requirements.

Benefits of the
Liquibox recycle-ready bag

More sustainable

This recycle-ready film was designed to fit the guidelines of a circular economy to reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint of packaging. The outcome of this innovation is a durable package that:

  • Follows CEFLEX and Ellen MacArthur design guidelines for sustainable packaging
  • Improves recyclability with monomaterial structure
  • Eliminates nylon which can be detrimental to recycling
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly throughout entire life cycle of package
  • Reduces fossil fuel use
  • Reduces water consumption

Recycle-ready film reduces raw material consumption by up to 99% compared to alternative packaging formats

Contact Liquibox for detailed analysis on environmental indicators.

Keeps your product fresh

This medium barrier packaging can eliminate food waste by extending shelf life an additional 1-20 weeks depending on the product type and storage conditions versus alternative packaging formats. Products remain fresh as the bag protects against light and oxygen. Customers can rely on bag-in-box packaging to ensure minimal contact with air, even after opening.

Fits your needs

The recycle-ready bag-in-box bag is ideal for e-commerce as well as retail and food service applications. This lightweight structure meets business objectives to save space and reduce costs, providing efficiencies from production to transportation and storage. While this technology was designed for the concentrated beverage market, it may be compatible with other applications. Contact us to find a more sustainable packaging alternative for your product.

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