Bag-in-box dairy film for superior product protection

Our unique SealGard bag-in-box dairy film boasts features that haven’t been achieved until now, such as improved sealing characteristics, reduced film gauge, optimized performance for refrigerated products and improved toughness and durability to ensure your products are delivered to your customers safely.

SealGard’s innovative film structure delivers all the benefits you require. This specialized dairy bag offering is lighter, has stronger seals, superior drop height performance, fewer leakers in the field, reduced material usage and reduced inbound shipping costs by up to 25%. The reduction in raw materials and film gauge together with superior performance makes SealGard the material of choice by top dairy companies today.

Benefits of SealGard for your dairy packaging

Tougher and more durable

SealGard bag-in-box dairy film incorporates the latest in a host of new resin technologies for improved stiffness and toughness as the film gauge is reduced. The films have been reduced in gauge by 20% while also improving durability performance across all key criteria. Now there is no need to choose between optimized film gauge and durability – SealGard delivers both.

Robust bag seals

Bag seal failures are one of the major contributors to leaks, that is why the innovative new SealGard film was developed to deliver a broader sealing window that provides more consistent and stronger bag seals.

More sustainable

SealGard dairy film has been reduced in thickness by 20% compared to industry standard films while improving the toughness and durability of the final bag. The result of these improvements is a more sustainable package that:

  • Uses less raw material to produce
  • Reduces carbon emissions during transportation to our customers since up to 25% more bags can be shipped per box due to the reduction in film gauge
  • Reduces product waste caused by leaks and punctures which leads to optimized distribution efficiency

Packaging waste is significantly reduced because the dairy bags are significantly lighter when it comes to recycling and waste disposal. This sustainability advantage is of top priority amongst dairy customers and ultimately their quick serve restaurant customers.


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