Smooth Flow

Smooth Flow Lever Taps

The Smooth Flow is a compact air-return lever tap designed for small single-opening 3-10L containers. With a divider molded into the 12mm spigot bore, Smooth Flow lever taps separate the liquid and air streams, ensuring safe and convenient dispensing of liquids without glug from blow-molded bottles, jerrycans or glass demijohns.


Typical containers

Non-vented single-opening metal and plastic containers (e.g. jerry cans)


Beverages, liquid food, household and chemical liquids

Features & benefits

  • Air-return for non-vented containers
  • No need for secondary venting
  • Flow rate of up to 30ml/sec when fully opened
  • Ability to control the flow rate by turning the lever accordingly
  • Safe and convenient glug-free dispensing



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