Liquibox A-Series

Liquibox A-Series:
bag-in-box filler

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Highly efficient and reliable bag-in-box filling machine designed to increase throughput.

The automatic A-Series filler provides convenient operation for high-speed filling that is suitable for a broad range of liquid products. This innovative modular design platform combines Liquibox’s trusted expertise with the latest technology in filling machinery.

Easy to operate with one-touch bag length-changeovers

Reduces downtime to fill more bags per shift

Compact footprint is a convenient fit in your space

Ergonomic design with adaptable bag loading

ESL kettle design simplifies cleaning process



Every A-Series filler is equipped with the following features:

  • One button bag length changeover
  • Ability to adapt to two loading configurations
  • Integrated safety guarding
  • Magnetic flow meter
  • Automated Clean-In-Place (CIP) cycle

Additional Options

  • ESL capable
  • Shear type fill valve for particulates
  • Chlorine flush for sanitizing fill valve
  • Additional fitment tooling
  • Turbine or Coriolis flow meter
  • Nitrogen and vacuum for oxygen sensitive products
  • Additional chutes for running multiple box sizes
  • Box stand


40 in D x 87 in W x 104 in H (101.6 cm D x 221 cm W x 264.2 cm H)



Wine, water, post-mix syrup, juice, among others.


Dairy & dairy alternatives, eggs, edible oil, condiments & sauces, among others.


Chemicals, automotive liquids, cleaning and home care liquids, coatings & varnishes, among others.


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