Aquene Springs and Liquibox partner to help Navajo Nation combat COVID-19 outbreaks

January 25, 2021

For over five years, Liquibox has provided bag-in-box bags to Aquene Springs—a North American supplier of source water. When the company approached Liquibox for help delivering emergency water to the Navajo Nation during the pandemic, Liquibox was ready to assist. Liquibox, as well as the logistics suppliers Transplace and UPS, were more than delighted to support Aquene Springs´ mission of service to others in a time of need.

Michael Hobson, owner of Aquene Springs, was first made aware of the devastating effect of COVID-19 on many Navajo in a L.A. Times article. The lack of running water for many families living on reservations makes hand washing difficult, and water is often delivered on trucks to tribes. After learning this, Hobson decided to support relief efforts by donating Emergency Source Water to at-risk populations. Hobson then met with Jerry Linder, Market Segment Director at Liquibox, who immediately offered to have Liquibox partner in the effort by providing 5-gallon highly protective flexible bags with Liqui-Sure® dispensing taps.

Interesting fact: the name Aquene is of Native American origin and means peace.

Liquibox and Aquene Springs are honored to donate 5,000 bag-in-box packages of Emergency Source Water to be delivered in October 2020. In addition, Transplace, the transportation supplier, has stepped in with $1,000-worth of donated freight on the first shipment. UPS generously supplied freight for the remaining loads.

“We are grateful to the Aquene Springs team who saw an opportunity to provide a service to the Navajo Nation. We hope this combined effort provides peace of mind to the Navajo people. We are glad to have helped, in this small way, to make the world a bit better.”

—Jerry Linder, Market Segment Director at Liquibox

Exciting project update

All 5,000 bag-in-box water donations have been delivered as of December 2020. The bag-in-box water was shared with individual Navajo families across all 110 chapters.

“Thank you very much for the donation of water. We are very grateful.”

—Lisa Yellow Eagle, Attorney Water Rights Unit, Navajo Nation Department of Justice

Thank you to all who participated

For more information, please contact Anastasia Khodakova, Global Marketing Director, at

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