Dobra Berba’s Christmas mulled wine is now available in bag-in-box packaging!

December 3, 2019

Well-known Croatian winery, Dobra Berba, has seen a continuous growth and strong sales results with an innovate bag-in-box Christmas Mulled Wine. Driven by an enthusiasm and ambition to offer something new to the market, Dobra Berba has approached Liquibox to collaborate on developing the environmentally friendly packaging solution that extends the shelf life of mulled wine.

To meet the customer needs, Liquibox has proposed the 3L & 10L flexible wine bags to be used in the bag-in-box packaging and mulled wine heaters. The bag-in-box solution meets growing industry needs for practical and sustainable alternatives to glass bottles, ensuring the reduction of product waste and extending the product shelf life after its opening.

Dobra Berba’s product was first presented at Winter Advent in Zagreb, where it was immediately recognized due to its high-quality wine and eye-catching bag-in-box packaging design. Shortly after the product launch, the 3L bag-in-box mulled wine has received the Red Dot Design Award for its innovative and smart concept.

“During the last two Christmas seasons, the product’s popularity has grown significantly across Croatia. The customer has recorded a 100% increase in sales on an annual basis since the product was first introduced.”

— Boyan Yovev, Sales Manager, Liquibox

Through the years of product development, Dobra Berba’s mulled Christmas wine has become the part and parcel of winter events in all Croatian cities, including the popular Zagreb’s Advent that has been voted the best Christmas Market in Europe in the row of last three years. The mulled wine in bag-in-box format is not limited only to Christmas markets—the 3L and 10L bag-in-box formats are now also available for all lovers of mulled wine, providing the premium experience with every glass of the same quality.

About Dobra Berba

Dobra Berba d.o.o. operates successfully in wine industry since 2013. They were the first ones to introduce the Christmas mulled wine to the Croatian market; the first ones to buy and rent an automatic bottle filling machine, and the company that started a magnificent project to produce sect wine according to the Charmat technology using Croatian wine varieties.

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