Preserve the quality and flavor of your wine, from the first glass to the last

Protect your premium wine with our best-in-class packaging. At Liquibox, we understand that wine requires the highest level of preservation and we have designed our products to do just that—sustain product freshness, flavor and color consistency. Our durable bag-in-box and pouches for wine are a more sustainable, cost-effective and convenient packaging alternative to traditional glass bottles and ensure a longer shelf life once opened.

Compact and versatile bag-in-box and pouch packaging is perfect for sporting events, parties and outdoor activities such as picnics, camping trips and backpacking. Larger format bag-in-box delivers convenient dispensing for bar and food service applications.


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Bags & films for wine

Premium boxed wines require the highest levels of preservation. Our durable film structures for wine deliver superior oxygen barrier, drop protection, flex crack resistance and long-distance shipping durability. Our proven high barrier film technologies are designed to protect your wine against UV light and oxidation, including metPET with PE, Liquipure ultra and our Vino2Gard™ film.

Our Vino2Gard wine film has a patent-pending design consisting of a specially engineered high-barrier laminate with a proprietary product contact inner layer.

With Vino2Gard, consumers can enjoy unprecedented protection from oxidation with a targeted shelf life of 18 months versus the industry standard of 12 months.

Our wine bags are available in 1.5L, 3L, 5L and 10L with custom sizing options available.

Dispensing taps for wine

Our wine taps provide excellent oxygen barrier, optimized directional flow and ergonomic designs for convenient, single-handed dispensing by the consumer. We offer:


Filling equipment for wine

From the stream-lined single and dual-head semi-automatic Liquibox 1000 to the fully-automatic Liquibox 1500 and Orbiter strip bag fillers, we keep pace with you and your requirements for the wine industry. Our bag-in-box filling machines offer reliable, cost-effective and high-productivity filling. These compact fillers have the ability to adapt to a large range of dispensing fitments and bag size changes quickly and easily.


Pouch film for wine

Pouches for wine are not only a convenient, compact and lightweight packaging solution for single-serve consumption but they are also the ideal option for product sampling. We offer a wide variety of durable film technologies that protect your products from oxygen and UV lights while ensuring superior product taste and quality. Our pouch film offerings include metallized PE laminate and clear polyethylene laminate with optional printing.

Why choose flexible packaging for wine?

Bag-in-box packaging and pouches meet the growing industry need for practical and sustainable alternatives to glass bottles.
Learn more about the advantages of flexible packaging on our benefits page.


Keeps your products fresh


Saves you money


Fits your needs


Preserves and protects


Meets sustainability objectives


From greater sustainability to higher performance, we’re here to deliver what your business needs most.