Liquibox helps Harrogate conquer the online water market with a bag-in-box packaging solution

June 12, 2018

The number of consumers that order drinking water online is growing, and so is the awareness of the impact that packaging has on the environment. Harrogate, whose water was awarded “Best in Class” by The British Bottlers Institute Tasting Awards, met the new demand by offering a sustainable and convenient packaging alternative for e-commerce.

The challenge

Harrogate Water was the first UK Company to include a 10L bag-in-box packaging to its online portfolio. The company was looking for a larger packaging size format that would satisfy the needs of multi-generational families and be committed to the environment. Harrogate approached Liquibox interested in a bag-in-box packaging system that could meet their current requirements.

The approach

Liquibox provided a 10L version of their customizable bag-in-box system model. Bag-in-box does not need to be lifted in order to pour, which makes it convenient for children and seniors to use, making water accessible to all members of the family. Liquid is poured through the tap on the side of the box either from the kitchen table or directly from the fridge. Bag-in-box is also a sustainable packaging solution that brings efficiencies throughout all stages of its lifecycle. Due to its square packaging shape, it has unbeatable storage and logistics advantages, which prevents unnecessary journeys, reduces the number of trucks on the road, optimizes costs and reduces carbon emissions. Moreover, it takes up little space in the cupboard and keeps water cooler for longer, which is very practical on hot summer days for picnics and outdoor events.

The result

Harrogate Water bag-in-box has quickly become popular in the online channel and is now available through all major e-commerce retailers such as Amazon and Ocado. Moreover, it is also used in a new generation of water coolers designed specifically for bag-in-box.

The complete solution is comprised of a cardboard box, VINIflow tap and inner bag. To preserve the excellent organoleptic properties of water, Liquibox uses a special additive-free barrier bag that keeps the liquid fresh for longer. All materials used are free from phthalates and Bisphenol A.

About Harrogate Water

Harrogate is the UK’s oldest bottled water brand, being first bottled in 1740. For over 400 years the spa town of Harrogate has been renowned for the unique quality of its water. Harrogate Spring’s award-winning still water is renowned for its perfectly balanced mineral content and clean, refreshing taste without chalkiness. A natural palate-cleanser, its neutral PH ensures no after-taste. Harrogate Spring sparkling, voted ‘Best Sparkling Water in the World’, benefits from an optimum bicarbonate level and provides a subtly-sweet flavour; ideal for drinking on its own or as an accompaniment to food.


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