Liquibox launches Aseptic Liqui-Sure and Aseptic Flip-N-Seal

July 18, 2022

Liquibox announced today the launch of Aseptic Liqui-Sure® and Aseptic Flip-N-Seal®. These aseptic-capable fitments offer brands a superior bag-in-box dispensing option.

Both new products are aseptic-capable dispensing fitments that create and maintain a hermetic seal, keeping liquids fresh and safe. Designed for cold brew coffee, dairy creamers, smoothie mixes, juices and other aseptic liquids, they help restaurants and foodservice operations maintain safety standards.

Although the fitments serve similar product markets, they address two unique dispensing applications. Aseptic Liqui-Sure is perfect for retail use since it allows consumers to dispense product right from the bag-in-box. Aseptic Flip-N-Seal, on the other hand, targets restaurants or institutions that connect the bag to dispensing equipment to serve the product.

The aseptic dispensing offering from Liquibox makes it easy for customers to expand their shelf-stable liquid product portfolio. Since aseptically-filled products do not require refrigeration throughout the distribution chain, they also help lower costs and manage supply challenges.

Liquibox is determined to continue meeting the strong demand for aseptic capabilities, both for food service and retail applications. As a result, Aseptic Liqui-Sure features the classic winged design of the company’s trusted Liqui-Sure top pull tap. In addition, the robust spout improves seal integrity and compatibility with bag-in-box fillers. Unlike other aseptic-capable taps on the market, Aseptic Liqui-Sure is designed with a tamper-evident tear tab that prevents leakage in transit and on the shelf. Aseptic Liqui-Sure is available globally.

The new Aseptic Flip-N-Seal (AFC) is a versatile bag-in-box dispensing fitment that is compatible with many aseptic fillers across a variety of product applications and dispensing equipment designs. It offers a strong connector seal for more reliable, leak-proof performance. The convenient pull tab on the fitment makes connecting to dispensers quick and easy. The resealable design allows users to easily disconnect the system for cleaning while maintaining the product integrity inside the package.

“As the aseptic market continues to grow and evolve, so do the innovative solutions from Liquibox. Our highly skilled product development team continues to respond to market needs with highly functional, sustainable and best-in-class dispensing fitments to protect liquid food and beverages throughout the value chain,” said Craig Knaack, Liquibox’s Vice President of Research and Development for fitments.

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