Liquibox releases new dispensing tap with less plastic

November 30, 2021
Liquibox VINIflow SBE

Liquibox continues to prove their commitment to offer sustainable packaging. Most recently, they announced an update to their trusted VINIflow® bag-in-box and stand up pouch dispensing tap that uses 26% less plastic to meet sustainability goals and keep products fresh for longer.

The latest development is an improvement to the well-known VINIflow, a self-closing, top pull tap. The new version of VINIflow, which the company refers to as MINIflow, has all the functionality of the VINIflow tap, but now with only three quarters of the plastic compared to the original.

Not only does it boast environmental benefits, but the compact fitment has a shorter back end, which minimizes the risk of oxygen exposure to keep products safe and extend shelf life. This is especially beneficial for premium wine as it preserves their quality for longer.

The MINIflow is easy to use—the dispensing experience is the exact same as their original VINIflow to make it simple for consumers. It is also compatible with the same filling equipment. The popular Liquibox tap is versatile in application, it is suitable for wine, juice, water, edible oil and personal care liquids. In fact, it is preferred for stand up pouches as well due to the smaller fitment size. Completely customizable, this fitment can be produced with natural color to improve recyclability, or in a variety of colors to fit customer branding.

As a result of the market demand for sustainable dispensing solutions, the Liquibox innovation is expected to have a significant impact in the industry. In fact, European customers were quick to implement the new VINIflow to help them meet corporate sustainability targets. Following the initial European launch, Liquibox plans to offer the smaller VINIflow in the U.S. in the future.

About Liquibox

Founded in 1961, Liquibox is a global leader in liquid packaging and dispensing—working in partnership with customers to create a safer and more sustainable future. Liquibox is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative flexible packaging solutions that offer reliable product protection. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia (USA), the company is inspiring change around the world, working as one across 19 global locations powered by a dedicated workforce of nearly 1,400 employees.

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