Liquibox launches new website as part of company rebranding

June 30, 2020

Liquibox is pleased to announce the launch of its new website as part of the company’s recent rebranding efforts. The site highlights the recent expansion of its traditional flexible packaging product portfolio as well as the exciting new products offered by Worldwide Dispensers, now also part of the Liquibox family of brands.

“The new website showcases our expanded product range, our increased focus on sustainable packaging solutions and above all else the shared values and culture of the combined entity under the concept of One Liquibox.”

—Ken Swanson, President and Chief Executive Officer for Liquibox

The new website brings to life key elements of a contemporary visual identity while providing greater detail into a world-class portfolio of flexible packaging solutions for liquids and liquid dispensing. Users can explore products ranging from industry-leading bag-in-box flexible bags and pouches to urn-liners, Worldwide Dispensers’ taps and fitments and state-of-the-art filling and bag-making machines.

The website’s intuitive, user-friendly interface lets visitors search for specific products and services via application or product type ranging from dairy to food and beverages to industrial chemicals and beyond. Liquibox’s renewed dedication to sustainable packaging is also front and center, as are the new packaging solutions developed to help address the COVID-19 crisis. Integrated access to an ecommerce platform allows popular products such as urn-liners to be purchased directly by customers in the restaurant and food service supply industries.

“Our plan is to grow the e-commerce channel to market in the months ahead, in both the range of products offered and the geographical reach of the markets we serve,” says Kevin Grogan, Chief Commercial Officer for Liquibox.

About Liquibox

Founded in 1961, Liquibox is a global leader in liquid packaging and dispensing—working in partnership with customers to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that achieve sustainable performance. In February 2020, Liquibox acquired DS Smith’s flexible packaging and Worldwide Dispensers that are now working as one across 20 locations powered by a global workforce of nearly 2,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia (USA).

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