Upper Sandusky facility awarded FDA/IMS Certification

July 10, 2018

Here at Liquibox, quality and safety are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why receiving the certificate of FDA/IMS compliance at our injection molding plant in Upper Sandusky, OH for more than 30 years in a row is more than just a milestone to us. It’s a demonstration of our commitment to the highest degree of safety standards, and an ongoing promise to continuously strive for perfection.

The FDA’s Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) List comprises strict regulations which have been put in place to minimize risks of contamination and ensure public safety. Compliance with safety standards has been our paramount focus since we began serving the dairy industry more than 50 years ago. It was then that we introduced our bag-in-box flexible packaging, which continues to be an invaluable solution for the industry today. Specific to dairy’s unique needs, our products are marked by features such as FDA-certified resins and convenient caps that allow for pour out, gravity dispense, and pump out applications.

“We are very proud of Team Upper Sandusky lead by Chuck Rawlins, Plant Manager, and Dennis Lortz, Quality Manager. We are very pleased with the continued commitment delivered from all our valued Upper Sandusky employees to earn the FDA/IMS certification once again. We are keeping a keen focus on quality daily. Being recognized with this certification validates our efforts throughout the year. Our Dairy business has been a fundamental product segment for us throughout the years, but our robust quality standards extend across all the products and industries we serve.”

—Roseann Brown, Corporate Director of Quality

The IMS certification specifically indicates that Liquibox complies with the robust FDA standards for dispensing taps and fitments used in our innovative bag-in-box packaging. In particular, our leading Flip-n-Seal fitments allow dairy products to be connected to dispensers through a probe connection – all without ever being exposed to outside contaminants. Beyond aligning with safety strategies, these unique fitments support freshness, extend product shelf life, promote cost-effectiveness, and achieve hassle-free connections by allowing the product to be connected, resealed, and dispensed without removing a cap and exposing package contents.

In addition to FDA compliance, Liquibox goes above and beyond to maintain safety and quality through practices such as SQF level 3 certification, a GFSI-recognized scheme. All five Liquibox sites have received a score of “excellent” during audits.

To learn more about what we’re doing to lead the way in dairy and milk packaging, feel free to take a look at our additional online resources or send us a message at any time.

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