Liquibox 1500

Liquibox 1500:
bag-in-box filler

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Streamlined for fast, automatic filling and configurable for your production requirements

The Liquibox 1500 is a fully-automatic strip-bag filler designed to be very operator friendly and easy to maintain at optimal efficiency. This cost-effective and high-productivity bag-in-box filler is a great solution for your beverage, food and non-food liquid packaging needs.

Operator friendly

The intuitive touchscreen interface of the Liquibox 1500 allows one operator to control and monitor the entire production cycle, delivering high output with minimal labor investment. Utilizing touchscreen technology, this completely automatic bag-in-box filler takes over when the cycle begins.

Easily adapted to your needs

The Liquibox 1500 is designed to deliver outstanding performance and can be configured to your production and product requirements. We offer many fill valve options designed to fill products across various industries including beverages, dairy and chemical liquids.

The design of the 1500 cap jaws allows a wide variety of fitments to run on this filler which is further enhanced by a versatile array of installation configurations. A range of in-box loading and conveyor discharge options are also available on this bag-in-box filling machine to fit seamlessly with your production environment.

Long-term reliability

The Liquibox 1500 has been designed and proven through field testing to ensure reliable production day in and day out, helping you maximize your output. When the product run is complete, the Liquibox 1500 nearly eliminates downtime with quick 5-minute changeovers when utilizing the same spouts (glands) and caps and only 30-minute changeovers with different fitments.



*height may vary based on customer requirements

Filling rate

The fill rate numbers are averages recorded in various client facilities. Actual rate is dependent on operator dexterity, product supply rate, and bag size.

Volume G (L)Bags per minute (BPM)
1G (4L)12-14
2.5G (10L)10-12
5G (20L)7-9

Standard features

This fully-automatic strip-bag filler features:

  • A bag feeder/separator that delivers great variation in perforation alignment for reliable hassle-free production
  • No cap/no fill sensor, eliminating product loss and downtime
  • Automatic Clean-in-Place (CIP) function for easy changeovers
  • Superior engineering team for technical support worldwide
  • A highly accurate fill valve that minimizes product waste



Water, post-mix, juice, coffee & tea, dairy, wine, beer & cider, spirits, among others.

Liquid food

Dairy & dairy alternatives, edible oil, smoothies, condiments & sauces, among others.


Paint, coatings & varnishes, chemicals, cleaning, automotive, personal care, among others.


From greater sustainability to higher performance, we’re here to deliver what your business needs most.

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