Liquibox AS-6

Liquibox AS-6
Aseptic Pouch Filler

The Liquibox AS-6 is a versatile aseptic pouch filling system designed for a wide variety of liquid food products. It has proven to be an outstanding packaging solution in markets outside of North America.

Versatile capabilities

The Vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) AS-6 is equipped with two filling stations that can work independently or simultaneously at a speed of 6000 pouches per hour. The filling capacity covers diverse pouch sizes from 125ml to 2L, allowing you to choose the ideal production rate and size for your application.

Optimized sterilization

The AS-6 features a steam and peroxide sterilization process which allows your product to be used for shelf-stable applications while preserving your valuable product’s original characteristics.

Built for safety

The Clean-in-Place (CIP) system is fully-automatic and independent, resulting in a perfect cleaning process between each production cycle. The completely enclosed fill and seal zone, paired with a system that closely monitors all filler operations, ensures safe operation for your personnel and safe packaging for your products.


Filling rate

The fill rate numbers are averages recorded in various client facilities. Actual rate is dependent on operator dexterity, product supply rate, and bag size.

Volume oz (ml)Pouches per minute
125 to 250ml7200
200ml to 1L6000



Coffee & tea, dairy, among others.

Liquid food

Coconut products, smoothies, condiments & sauces, among others.


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