Liquibox is an essential partner to critical industries during COVID-19

April 17, 2020

Liquibox is an essential partner to companies in industries including food, health and safety deemed ‘critical’ by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Businesses such as ours bear a special responsibility to stay open and keep serving these companies. Liquibox is taking enhanced protective measures to keep everyone healthy and safe at Liquibox and beyond, as we answer the call for support.

Liquibox’s special responsibility

We’re helping to keep supply lines of life-sustaining products flowing. Our customers are depending on us to continue to serve their packaging needs so they, in turn, can continue to supply key food, beverage and cleaning products. We serve the needs of institutional facilities, such as hospitals and nursing/assisted living facilities, along with grocery stores and restaurants that remain open for takeout and delivery.

Additionally, our liquid dispensing taps and fitments are being used to meet both health and safety needs. Customers who use our liquid dispensing products provide such necessities as bulk water for home and institutional use, disinfectant cleaning supplies and other cleaning applications, such as liquid laundry detergent. Also, we supply clean room molded connectors and valves to key strategic customers in the medical industry, and these parts are being used by hospitals across the country.

Perhaps most importantly, some of our Worldwide Dispensers components are used in the assembly of critical medical devices, such as domestically produced ventilators. Our clean room molding facility supplies over 100 million molded parts per year to these sectors.

COVID-19 product spotlight

From supplying packaging that protects your food and beverages to packaging that protects the cleanliness of your restaurant or home, Liquibox specializes in safe and hygienic flexible packaging and dispensing options to help you fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have a wide range of packaging solutions for hand sanitizer, hand soap, floor cleaner, laundry detergent and other highly sensitive products. Liquibox is actively working with customers who are repurposing their operations to meet the global demand for sanitizers. We’re providing the packaging and machinery needed to address this global challenge.


Bag-in-box and Pouch offerings

Liquibox offers robust film structures that are specially designed for a variety of chemical applications. All of our chemical bags meet superior quality standards and are available in bag-in-box sizes ranging from 1 to 6 gallons (4 to 23 liters) and bulk applications up to 300 gallons. 1000ml pouches are also available.

We have UN-certified packaging available for safely shipping hazardous materials.


B2S fitment

The B2S is a versatile fitment suitable for various chemical applications. This 38mm threaded fitment has multiple dispensing options: product has the ability to be poured out, dispensed through a tap, or used with a pump-out system.


Detergent tap

This detergent tap is a top push, self-closing tap, ideal for household detergents and cleaning chemicals. This tap has an auto shut-off valve providing a clean cut-off and robust seal.


Liquibox 1500 filler

The Liquibox 1500 filler is streamlined for fast automatic filling and configurable to meet your demanding chemical production requirements. The efficient operation and ease of maintenance as well as comprehensive support and documentation make the Liquibox 1500 filler a great solution for your liquid packaging needs.

Learn more about our bag-in-box and fitment offerings for the chemical and cleaning industry.


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