Hygienic, user-friendly and more sustainable packaging solution for cleaning, sanitation, household and industrial products.

Why is bag-in-box for cleaning products a better option?

Product preservation

  • Minimal with air at any point ensures no contamination
  • Durable: adapted to e-commerce and exports

Storage & logistics

  • 80% less space when empty (foldable)
  • 45% less space when full (stackable)
  • 20% energy savings during transport due to light weight


  • Convenient: hygienic and precise dosing
  • Safe: reduced exposure to cleaning chemicals
  • 99% product evacuation


  • 60% lower carbon footprint
  • 5X less waste by kg of product
  • 100% recyclable box


  • Very low investment cost
  • Total cost of ownership savings
Bags & films for cleaning products

Liquibox offers a wide range of bag-in-box film options for chemicals including Nylon EVOH with PE, MetPET with PE and EVOH/LLDPE.

Key features

  • 99% product evacuation, preventing product waste
  • Flex-crack, puncture and tear resistance
  • Collapse as they are used, leaving minimal package waste
  • Size range 800ml to 1000L 
  • EU and FDA approved
  • Free from phthalates, heavy metals and Bisphenol A
  • Standard and custom design options
Dispensers & fitments for cleaning products

Our fitments range includes dispensing and pouring taps, snap caps, elpo glands and connectors. Dispensers have been specifically adapted to viscous and medium density liquids to allow even, hassle free and hygienic serving.

Front and top push taps manufactured for single handed, self closing applications to ensure an optimized flow rate and an excellent oxygen barrier.


Tamper Evident Screw Cap

Lever Taps


Self Closing Taps

Bag-in-box, a more sustainable packaging option

Bag-in-box is a more sustainable alternative to other forms of packaging, enabling carbon reductions, cost savings and efficiencies in our customers’ supply chains.  Bag-in-box has excellent environmental credentials‒ as confirmed by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) ‒ as it is easier to transfer, store and dispose of in regular waste collections.

Find out more about bag-in-box sustainability