Oishi Partners with Liquibox to provide first green tea bag-in-box to KFC restaurants

November 24, 2020

In October, Oishi, a producer of green tea and other ready-to-drink products in Thailand, launched its first green tea bag-in-box solution. Up to this point Oishi had only offered its teas in PET bottles, but with plans to enter all KFC restaurants across the country, they found they needed a more efficient liquid packaging solution for the food service channel.

Liquibox partnered with Oishi on a 3L and 10L metalized flexible bag with an easy-to-use connecting system to soft drinks dispensing machines. In addition, the company purchased Liquibox’s Autokap 600 filler which allows up to 6,000 bags to be processed daily. The new packaging helps KFC and Oishi improve their sustainability profile as bag-in-box reduces packaging waste, improves efficiency from production to end-of-life resulting in fewer CO2 emissions and is lighter than single-serve bottles.

This powerful bag-in-box solution—the result of Liquibox’s guidance about the technology and close collaboration between teams—enabled Oishi to bring three new post-mix drinks to market: honey-lemon green tea, lemonade and Yusu orange juice. The rollout included a campaign that invited consumers to refill their favorite flavors as much as they liked.

“We were pleased to collaborate with Oishi on a packaging solution that would allow them to bring the company’s great beverages to more people.”

—Wimonrat Ukkhayakorn, Liquibox Sales Manager

About Oishi Group

Oishi Group, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is a producer of green tea, fruit juice flavored drinks, and other ready-to-drink products in Thailand. Oishi chooses ingredients from the best sources ensuring the best green tea taste and benefits in the market.

To learn more about Oishi Group, please visit www.oishigroup.com.

For more information, contact Anastasia Khodakova, Global Marketing Director, at akhodakova@liquibox.com

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